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Southlake Married Couples

Rebuild Trust & Connection After an Affair in 8 Weeks 

**** We only have room for 8 new couples until May of 2023.  So make sure you sign up today or you will be put on waiting list.***

Who Are We

Do you want to save your marriage after the affair... but frustrated because you don't know how?

Hey my name is Luke Dickens and I am founder of Dickens Marriage Center in Keller, Tx.  

And I know how you feel right now. 

You've tried to forgive and forget... But you can't move on from the affair.

You feel a rollercoaster of emotions going from anxiety, numbness, hopelessness, depression, sadness, and to anger.  

The sleepless nights because your mind won't stop racing.

Not being able to trust your spouse; always wondering if they are going to cheat again.  

And when you and your spouse try to talk about the affair, it always leads to a huge fight. 

You want to stay married but have NO IDEA how to move forward in this relationship.

Maybe you both tried couples therapy before but that didn't work.  

In fact, therapy seemed to make your marriage worse.


Because you both would complain to therapist and leave the session feeling worse than when you came into session.  

Leaving you both feeling stuck that your marriage can never heal from the affair.

Well, you have come to the right place. 

At Dickens Marriage Center, my staff of therapists and I, all have our Masters or PhD's in Marriage & Family Therapy and are certified Affair Recovery Experts.  

Our affair recovery program is based on over 40+ years of research on affair recovery. 


We have healed 290+ marriages on verge of divorce due to infidelity in our 8 week affair recovery program.  

9 out of 10 marriages who go through our 8 week affair recovery program heal their marriage, rebuild trust, find forgiveness, repair their connection and improve their communication skills.

This is why we offer all our couples a money back guarantee if you go through our 8 week affair recovery program because we are that confident based off our success rate that this program will work for you. 

Affair Recovery Success Stories

Affair Testimonial 2.png
Affair testimonial.png
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Couple Holding Hands

Goal: Rebalance the Crisis.

In this step you’re going to rebalance the crisis by carefully following essential steps customized to your specific situation.


We'll work alongside with you to ensure you make the right steps that will allow the crisis to go away quickly.


Metaphorically speaking, we are trying to stop the bleeding from the affair as fast as possible, so we can focus on rebuilding the relationship. 

Some of the steps include discussing and implementing transparency, rebuilding trust, and expressing remorse depending on your specific need. 


Goal: Reconnect and learn why.

In this step, you’re going to reconnect, heal emotional wounds, and get insight regarding the infidelity. You will learn tools to transform your communication.


You'll become better listeners and speakers to each other.


All with the help of research-based tools and exercises we teach and practice with you step by step.

Then you'll learn about the right questions to ask your partner in order to gain insight and understand the meaning and the motives of the betrayal.


We will mentor both of you through asking and answering with honesty and compassion. 

You will also learn how to handle the trauma, intrusive thoughts, lows, and other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Step 3: Restart
Goal: Restart a new & improved relationship.

In this step, you’re going to restart a new and improved relationship with your partner.


This is when you get to close the affair recovery chapter and open a new one. 


We’ll walk you through creating and implementing new rules for your relationship.


We will also address regaining intimacy that feels healthy and honors your boundaries if it will be needed.


And lastly, we will help you include a plan to prevent relapse so you can enjoy your new infidelity free chapter of your relationship. 

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