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Marriage Counseling Experts in Keller Tx

We specialize healing marriages on the verge of divorce in 8-12 weeks!*

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* Average couple takes 8-12 weeks to heal their marriage in our program.

Fixing the biggest problems in your marriage

Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your spouse... Where you feel lonelier now than you've ever felt before? 

Has your fights become toxic... it's as if you get stuck in a vicous cycle and there seems no way to stop it?

Do you want to fix your marriage... But feel like you are the only one who cares about fixing your relationship?

Has the sex, intimacy and passion faded away... and every time the topic of sex gets brought up it leads to a nasty fight?

Do your problems seem so severe... that it feels pointless trying to talk about them? 

Do you feel like roommates... Where you never seem to be close anymore?

Do you constantly feel unseen and unheard....that you not longer feel important and are last on your spouses priority list?

Has your spouse threatened or filed for divorce... But you both don't want to break up your family? 

Have your fights gotten violent... That you no longer feel safe trying to resolve your problems with fear that things could get violent again?

Has an affair destroyed the foundation of trust in your relationship... And you are afraid that you will never be able to trust your spouse again?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions then sign up today for your free 1 hour marriage consultation.

Sign up for Your FREE 1 Hour Marriage Consultation

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My name is Luke Dickens and I am the founder of Dickens Marriage Center in Keller, Tx.

Does your marriage feel stuck in a negative viscous cycle? 

Does trying to talk about the problems in your marriage always lead to a nasty fight?

Since 2018 we have helped over 382 MARRIAGES save their marriage from the verge of divorce in 8-12 weeks. 

And 91% of all couples experience success with our program.

So whatever issue your marriage is facing, we can help you overcome it. 

To get started; sign up today for our FREE in person consultation at our office in Keller. 

Luke Dickens MFT


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Sign Up for your FREE 1 Hour Marriage Consultation

Scientifically Proven to Heal Marriages in Crisis

We use a model called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).  

With (EFT) we have been able to transform over 382 marriages in crisis since 2018.


And we have over 91% success rate with couples who complete our program.  


Together we will help your relationship...

Stop negative cycles of disconnection and fighting... So that you can have a conversation that leads to growing your relationship. 

Rebuild trust after an affair or betrayal...Rather than let the mistrust and resentment build over time. 

Learn how to use conflict to grow your connection....Rather than destroy your connection

Re-ignite sexual intimacy and passion.... Where you feel desire and wanted again by your spouse

Grow your emotional connection together... Where you feel like you are a priority and are important to your spouse again.  

Sign up for FREE 1 Hour Marriage Consultation

12 WEEK Program to Heal Your Marriage

Step 1: IDENTIFY the Core Problems in Your Marriage

At the beginning of treatment we have a in person assessment and written assessment to ensure we are able to identify all the core problems in your marriage.  

  • Emotional Disconnection

  • Sexual Intimacy

  • Parenting

  • Communication

  • Betrayal

  • Mistrust

  • Financial Issues

  • Etc. 

Step 2: DISCOVER your Negative CYCLE

Every CORE problem in your relationship is a by-product of becoming stuck in a negative cycle. 

This negative cycle creates a viscous feedback loop, keeping you stuck; never to be able to resolve any of your issues. 

We will  be able to identify these cycles, so that we can stop these cycles so that we can start resolving your problems.

Step 3: STOP the Negative CYCLE

How do you stop your negative cycle?

The key to stopping your negative cycle is by identifying the ROOT of your cycle.  

We don't try to get you and your spouse to behave better, we get to the root that is causing you and your spouse to not be able to communicate and connect together.  

We must find the WHY behind you getting stuck in these negative cycles. 

And once we FIND the root, we can ELIMINATE the root to your negative cycle. 

Step 4: CREATE the Positive CYCLE

We create a positive cycle by building the emotional safety and trust in your relationship.  

We build the emotional safety and trust by both you and your spouse learning how to be there for each other. 

Every week you and your spouse will experience success and connection talking about the major problems in your relationship. 

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Over 50+ Years of Scientific Proof on Fixing Marriages

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EFT Can Change Brain

When couples are in fight or flight, communication gets toxic.  EFT research shows that we can de-activated fight or flight mode with couples.  So that couples can communicate more effectively.

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76%-89% Success Rates

Over 50 years of research on couples who undergo EFT couples therapy.  And every study shows a 76%-89% success rate with all couples.


69%-76% Success Rate with Couples Suffering From an Affair

8 Research studies show that couples are able to recover from the PTSD of an affair.  Showing deactivation in areas of brain responsible for PTSD.  Couples were able to heal their relationship and are able to rebuild trust.

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Certifications & Education

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Office Location

Phone: 817-999-5472 | Address: 200 N Rufe Snow Keller, Tx, 76248

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