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Counseling Experts in Keller TX. 

Personalized counseling that solves your life's problems.

Office Address:
200 N Rufe Snow, Keller, Tx, 76248

Treatment plans for your specific situation

You barely recognize yourself anymore.  You are a shell of your former self. 

The things you used to enjoy; no longer bring you any joy. 

Easily go from being anxious, overwhelmed and then angry all within a matter of minutes. 

Not being able to stop or control your worrying.

Feel empty, numb and alone even if you are with your family and friends. 

Kids are having behavioral & emotional problems, and you feel helpless because everything you do seems to make things worse. 

Emotionally exhausted by the mental load of taking care of everyone and neglecting your own emotional needs.

Past relational trauma keeps you stuck from being able to move forward in your life.

Find yourself escaping current reality through binge watching TV shows, endlessly scrolling on social media, over-eating, abusing drugs or alcohol.

If you said YES to any of these symptoms above.  Dickens Therapy can help you. 

How our counseling process works


Free 1 Hour Counseling Session

Meet with one of our therapists for one hour for FREE at our Keller, TX office. This session is designed for you to see if we are a good fit for you and your specific needs. 


Personalized Treatment Plan

After the 1st free counseling session. Your therapist will put together a treatment plan for your specific needs. The treatment plan will include in-person sessions, guides, books, and homework.


Fast & Lasting Emotional Relief

Our mission is to help you experience weekly relief from the emotional symptoms you are suffering from.  So that you can find meaning and joy in life. 

Proven results in as little as 4 weeks.* 

Reduction in Depression Symptoms

94% of our clients saw an improvement in symptoms of depression, hopelessness, fatigue in their 4 week follow up.

Increase in Energy & Mood

87% of our clients saw an increase in happiness, optimism, and emotional relief in their 4 week follow up. 

Decreased Anxiety 

91% of our clients saw a decrease in anxiety symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, restlessness, overwhelm & irritation in their 4 week follow up. 

Decreased Trauma Symptoms 

89% of our clients reported not feeling as stuck in their past trauma in their 4 week follow up. 

* These numbers are taken from 317 clients from 2019-2021 in a 8-week checkup assessment from the start of their therapy process. This does not mean that the clients were cured in 8 weeks.  It means that their symptoms improved in 8 weeks.   


My name is Luke Dickens and I am founder of Dickens Therapy in Keller, Tx.  

My staff of therapists and I all have our Master's degrees & PHD's in Marriage & Family Therapy.  

We are all trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, EDMR, Trauma Informed, Attachment Theory and Systems Theory. 

Whatever issue that is affecting your mental health, we can help you. 

Whether you are dealing with past trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD. 


We have the tools to help you overcome these issues. 

My staff& I have successfully treated over 1,300 couples & individuals since 2018. 

To get started, sign up for our FREE 1 Hour Counseling Session at our Keller office.  

Luke Dickens, 

Owner of Dickens Individual, Marriage & Family Therapy 

Certifications & Education


Office Location

Address: 200 N Rufe Snow, Keller, Tx, 76248
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